Information for Guests


Information for Guests

All guests should meet their host at the car park at Leadmill Farm (S32 1BA) to sign in and also to carry out sterilisation of waders, boots and nets. All anglers should generally also follow standard procedures for ensuring they are not responsible for spreading invasive species, such as rinsing waders, boots and nets in hot tap water and allowing equipment to fully dry out between trips if at all possible. Please refer to our guidance on bio-security in the resources section of the website for full details..

The fishing is by fly only and we ask all anglers to fish with with barbless hooks or to flatten the barb on barbed hooks.

The River holds a good head of Wild Brown Trout and Grayling. Small numbers of Rainbow Trout are stocked throughout the season below Leadmill Bridge, but the river upstream of Leadmill Bridge is not stocked and is operated as a wild fishery.

We enjoy good hatches of many flies and the river also provides a home for a very good population of freshwater shrimp. All tactics can be very successful but watch what is happening, be stealthy and match the hatch.



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